The Way of the Heart

Practitioner & Area Coordinator 

      The Way of the Heart™  is an international organization devoted to empowering individual and collective life purpose, offering a Way of living a heart-centered life with more conscious guidance, empowerment and connection. Quickly and permanently transform physical, emotional and mental blocks and limitations through a leading edge process and practices that simply work. Intentionally create and embody your highest dreams and possibilities for your life and our world.

Through a blend of field psychology, self awareness practices and energetic field work, you can manifest the inner qualities and abilities that your life and our world need now. This extraordinary training augments and harmonizes with other paths and practices.

Call 262.745.8362 today for your  in person experience with of The Way of the Heart. Clarify what you want to create in your life, and move the obstacles. Sarah offers private sessions in Lake Geneva, WI and greater Chicagoland.

The foundation Level I & II training is offered in Northbrook,Il once a year (February 17-19 & February 24-26, 2017.) There is a Gateway (pre-requisite/preparation for Level I & II) offered on February 17 from 2-4pm.

This wonderful gift has helped me to shift my life to a whole new dimension, both personally and professionally. Dr. A Lopresti, MD

I am awed by the safety & beauty of the work, and it’s ability to empower me in the little and big things in my life. There is so much more possibility, guidance and strength in me than I ever would have believed. J DeSarro