Spiritual Nourishment talks and workshops are experiential and participative. In our shared learning space, there will be humor along with sobriety, self-reflection and exploration of new perspectives. I will always stand for your Love, Joy and Aliveness.

The environment we co-create is emotionally safe and there are no “right” or “wrong” answers or ways. My perspective is that there is nothing to hide, to prove or to fix–though we all have areas in which we can grow, discover a more compassionate truth and achieve greater mastery.

If you are interested in a particular workshop,  gather your friends together and host a custom workshop at the location and time of your choice. I will gladly come to you. Visit the Calendar page site for the most up-to-date events.

YOUR SELF AS YOUR FRIEND                                                                                                  Monthly refreshment and restoration at Inner Balance,  one Thursday each month. see  for current dates and timing

The Intention: This is a gathering to support in the growth a more compassionate and kind relationship with your body and your Self, mind and spirit.  Our sharing is centered in Love, Joy and Vitality, and often includes:

  • Meditation/centering practice, guided imagery
  • Self- kindness & Self-awareness
  • Rich dialogue                                                                                                              

Your Inner Balance and well-being are worth it! Those around you will also benefit.


  • Enhance your Self -Confidence.
  • Stand up and OWN the brilliance inside you.
  • Diffuse self -judgment and criticism.

Our exploration will  offer more kindness and ‘breathing space’ for all aspects of your life.

EMBRACING CHALLENGES  with more energy, creativity and ease.

  • Gain a new perspective on your life, your relationships and your body that can energize and inspire you.
  • Identify your core values and how they support you moving forward.
  • Receive imple practices to shift your state of mind (beneficial for you AND for those around you!)

This is for you if you are ready to let go of unnecessary suffering!


GROWING YOUR BOTTOM LINE . . .  For More Love and Happiness

          What if  you can experience:

*More harmonious and heartfelt connection with your partner, friends and family?   *Identify core to support your bottom line?                                                                              *Simple practices to shift and lighten less than loving moments?



Hindsight from the trenches

Whatever the age your children, join us as we share an informative, humorous and eye opening look at parenting.   Uncover more graceful ways to:

  • Honor and unfold your unique way to love and raise your children
  • Open up and listen to your inner wisdom and guidance
  • Incorporate and honor time and space needs for you as a parent
  • Share a laugh or two at your imperfections and learning edges

We’ll blend love and nurturing with the best of our elders’ sage advice along with some new and compassionate context to help you parent in a rapidly changing world. Be prepared for the gift of more empowerment and lightheartedness!