“Sarah has an amazing ability to shepherd people in a calm and engaging manner through some of life’s toughest conversations. Her presence, fluency, sense of humor and deep well of compassion help you relax and open to your inner truth in a way that is refreshing and releasing. I love the beautiful light that shines from Sarah’s soul. When you’re with Sarah, you just know that you’re with someone safe and capable.”           –Uma Girish, Grief Guide, Author of Hay House memoir; “Losing Amma, Finding Home”

Meeting Sarah, I immediately felt a connection. Her grounded presence emanates compassion, open heartedness, and respectful understanding. I have experienced her work with me as deeply transformational, an effective tool for bringing to awareness that which was hidden.  I have consistently been surprised to catch and shift self-limiting beliefs holding me back. I am delighted by the growth uncovered during our time together.  —L. Amram

With The Way of the Heart, I found the confidence to start my business
and pursue my goals.. I am awed daily with what is shown to me; I never
would have dreamed how much easier my life could be. I am alive,
thriving and grateful in what has been quite a challenging year for me,
discovering more passion and joy.  —Joanne B.

I’m realizing a dream I did not remember was inside of me. Thank you for empowering me to have the dream, to believe it, to continue creating it in my life. I ended up with much more than I ever imagined I would.  —C. Freeman

Sarah Karnes is willing to deeply listen.
Her coaching work is remarkably helpful for anyone who wants to make a positive change.  Well organized, informed, professional yet authentic, personable and compassionate, I highly recommend and applaud her services.  —A. Gray

“I went from not able to get out of bed in the morning to jumping up to practice more real engagement with my life and what IS possible.”  —T. Marsili

My mind was much clearer, and I felt much more relaxed and comfortable after each brief session.   I am impressed at how well you led me to this state through your questions and energy work.  Although I’d shared just an overview of my recent experiences, you brought up specific dynamics and situations that were affecting me.  Once uncovered and discussed, your coaching and guidance helped me to process and approach these dynamics with a new, fresher mindset.  Thank you Sarah! —Allan C.



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