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Your Self as Your Friend – for Midlife  Women

Do you want more clarity and compassion

navigating  your midlife transition?

Join this restorative reframe for midlife women . . .

  • Reclaim your Self and your mojo, it is reboot time!
  • Honor the heightened sensitivity that is normal for transition
  • Release the drain of unfriendly habits like criticism and judgment
  • Learn simple techniques for super TLC

   When: Saturday, May 20, 10am-12:30pm

   Where: Inner Balance Office, 350 Pfingsten Rd # 107, Northbrook

   Fee: $30, Pre-registration is requested, $25 when you call to register/pay by May 13

   To Register: Call Sarah Karnes, 262-745-8362, Email: Sarahkarnes@me.com

Sarah Karnes is a Life Coach and facilitator with The Way of the Heart. She coaches midlife women to reclaim their ideals and mojo in the face of feeling that they have lost their sense of self in a sea of mood swings, brain fog and energy dips. Sarah creates a safe space for discovering and living your unique life purpose, in way that transforms your life, And the community around you.


Spiritual Nourishment sponsors The Way of the Heart training in Chicagoland.  Join us for 2 life-changing weekends coming in  February 2018.